About Us

Our mission is to simplify event planning, so that our clients can focus on all of the joy that their special day has to offer. We work to help clients develop a clear vision of what they wish to achieve and then get to work manifesting their dreams into a reality. We seek to plan events that celebrate the cultural identities of our clients and strive to be inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We employ thoughtful listening, professional organization, creative innovation, and a bit of sparkle, to create celebrations that maximize the beauty of life’s most special events. We are based in South Florida, but are more than happy to plan special events anywhere in the world. 


Awaited Events is the passion project of two childhood best friends and former brides: Sarah and Hannah, who share a love for creating beautiful things. After planning a multitude of special events for others (including their own weddings), the pair embarked on the journey of creating a company that streamlines the event planning process for all people involved. They recognized the seemingly inevitable stress that surround life’s most special events and worked to create solutions that eliminate anxiety, so that their clients can be present in the happiness that their special event has to offer. The pair brings two distinct but complimentary skillsets to the art of event planning. Hannah has a unique way of understanding the vision of other people and brainstorming creative ideas for how to bring their vison to life. Sarah is exceptionally organized and time-efficient and knows exactly how to build, implement, and execute ideas into reality. Together, they form the perfect duo - working together to create unforgettable events.